EMNES Annual Conference provides a forum for academic researchers, practitioners and policy makers to discuss current issues related to socio-economic development and regional integration in the Mediterranean and Africa. While the specific theme of the Annual Conference varies from year to year, the overall objective of this event is to stimulate discussion of high quality and policy relevant cutting-edge research that informs our understanding of how various socio-economic issues can affect the overall economy at the national and regional levels and the level of interconnectedness between the economies. 

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The EMNES Annual Conference 2021 offers leading academics, practitioners and policymakers the opportunity to discuss innovative research on a range of topics related to the post- COVID-19 pandemic recover.

COVID-19 pandemic also revealed the level of unpreparedness of governments in both developed and less developed countries. This health crisis was quickly transformed into an unprecedented economic and social crisis at the global level and has led governments to introduce unprecedented fiscal and monetary stimulus packages.

As the world emerges from a global pandemic, calls for a resilient and sustainable recovery have intensified.  The “Post-COVID 19” state of the world is to be built, to become more resilient and sustainable. The EMEA-EMNES research published in 2020, shows that countries exhibiting socio-economic vulnerabilities prior to the pandemic had lower capacity to mitigate the effects of the pandemic. In other words, the countries that have built a resilient system could better respond to the pandemic and rebound. Several pillars, including digitalisation, financial inclusion, health policy, social protection and safety net, regional integration, via regional value chains and sustainable development have been explored by EMNES research to offer economic policy answers on the design of recovery models post COVID-19. 

This call for papers invites submissions of high-quality unpublished manuscripts on topics related to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the transition to a resilient and sustainable socio-economic growth in Europe, the Mediterranean and Africa including, but not limited to:

  • Debt sustainability and international cooperation for debt relief; 
  • Monetary policy during and post COVID-19;
  • Central banks and the greening of the financial sector;
  • Sustainability and stability of financial systems during and post COVID-19; 
  • COVID-19 recovery and green stimulus policies;
  • Sustainability and ESG risks;
  • Impact investing and other sustainable finance trends;
  • Biodiversity and environment and economic development;
  • Financial innovation and the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs);
  • Corporate strategies towards transition and physical risks of climate change;
  • Corporate social responsibility in the post-pandemic world;
  • Financial inclusion, digitalization and crypto-currencies;
  • Role of the state, financial institutions and markets in post-COVID 19 recovery;
  • Regional integration, sustainability in post-COVID 19 recovery.

Papers on other EMNES research areas are encouraged. 

The Euro-Mediterranean Network of Economic Studies (EMNES) new socio-economic vision stems from the quest for long-term economic policy solutions aiming at more inclusive, sustainable and employment driven socio-economic development in the region.

 EMNES research covers the following areas: 

  • The role of institutions and labour markets; 
  • The role of the private sector and Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in achieving an inclusive development model; 
  • Social business and social inclusion; 
  • Health policy; 
  • Creative and cultural economy ; 
  • Sustainable development and low carbon economy; 
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation; 
  • Finance, employment and inclusive growth; 
  • Human capital, skill mismatches, job creation and migration; 
  • Macroeconomic policies, productivity and job creation; 
  • Economics of the EU-Mediterranean and EU-African partnership; 
  • Regional integration and job creation; 
  • Scenario analysis and foresight; 

This list of research topics is evolving. 

Progress of work:


In conjunction with the EMNES Annual Conference, Applied Economics Quarterly will publish a special issue that includes papers submitted to and presented at the conference.

In cooperation with Cinzia Alcidi, AEQ Editor and Research Director at CEPS, Rym Ayadi, Professor at the Bayes Business School, City University London, and President of EMEA, will serve as Co-Editor of the special issue. For the special issue, AEQ will consider empirical works that focus on matters relevant to EU-Med economic relations and linkages. They include trade, FDI, remittances, GVC, economic and financial integration and spillover effects. Empirical papers submitted and presented on the themes of EMNES Call for Paper 2021 will also be considered.  Authors of papers accepted for presentation at the conference will receive an invitation to submit to the journal issue.


There will be two Best Paper Awards of EUR 2,000 each sponsored by the Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association (EMEA).


Selected papers presented by researchers (who are not members of EMNES) will be eligible to join EMNES Network and given an opportunity to have their papers published and disseminated on EMNES Publications.


Deadline for Submission: October 31, 2021 – Submission closed
Notification of Acceptance: November 20, 2021
Registration Deadline accepted author: November 30, 2021
Conference dates: December 09-10, 2021



Rym Ayadi

Rym Ayadi

President, Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association (EMEA)
Director, Euro-Mediterranean Network for Economic Studies (EMNES)

Cinzia Alcidi

Cinzia Alcidi

Director of Research, Centre for European Policy Studies



Sandra Challita

Research Fellow, EMEA

Cynthia Echave

Cynthia Echave

Senior Researcher and Project Coordinator, EMEA

Yeganeh Forouheshfar

Yeganeh Forouheshfar

Researcher, EMEA

Sara Ronco

Researcher, EMEA


Mais Sha’ban

Research Fellow, EMEA

George Christopoulos

Communication Officer, EMEA


This year’s EMNES Annual Conference will be hosted virtually by the Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association (EMEA) in collaboration with the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS).


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Deadline for Submission: October 31, 2021 – Submission closed
Notification of Acceptance: November 20, 2021
Registration Deadline accepted author: November 30, 2021
Conference dates: December 09-10, 2021